Moonly - Discover Upcoming NFT Update #3

Stefan Smiljkovic
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Good day, good people 🌻. Hope you all have a great week. I didn't share last week's progress update, because it flew super fast. I was doing everything I needed to move the project forward. From UI/UX design, testing, researching, making a lot of decisions, and giving the right directions to my team. To remind you, I am working on a project called which discovers upcoming NFT's, currently on Solana blockchain, but soon on others chains as well. The current version is built using no-code tools Like Webflow,, Integromat, Google Sheet. Since we gonna build a lot of tools around Moonly, we decided to build a new version from scratch using Javascript frameworks. Last ~2 weeks we had a great project, even we were stuck on some unplanned things. If you are aware of Pareto Principle, the last 20% takes even more energy than the first 80%. Small details always take a lot of time. I am not looking to make it a perfect pixel, and I am totally aware that we need to ship the first version with basic features. But sometimes you get stuck on something you didn't plan at all. For example, we thought that our "Load more" is working great, but when we added filtering, it screwed our concept, which directly impact UX. In short here is the progress: - A designed couple of more pages for the new version - Improved SEO which is very important for us - Added tags, so now we can tag projects by utility or type - Added ability for blockchains other than Solana - Dynamic breadcrumbs - Filtering - Search functionality - We added over 300 NFT projects in our DB both manual and automated (Automatio :D) - In the last 2 weeks Moonly got around 5,000 visitors - Created our public Discord server for NFT people. By the way, our complete team communication is happening on a private Discord server, and I really like it much more than Slack. - We got our third update from the pixel art designer for our own NFT collection. And it's so cute! Check it out here Can't wait for the next update where he gonna add new traits and accessories. - Last few days I was joining a good number of Twitter Spaces. It's a good way to connect, learn, share what you know, and make new friends. Last time I mention that our team consists of: - Two developers, one backend/DevOps, and another full-stack - One virtual Assistant - Writer - UI Designer & Webflow developer (my wife Jelena) - UI/UX designer (me) - Growth hacker (me) - Pixel Art designer for NFT - Everything else, me, since I need to glue, manage, and decide on most of the things. But we also brought to the team a video maker, our old friend to help us create a great motion video for Moonly. Excited about that as well. Now let me share some good last week's NFT projects and also a few upcoming ones, but please have in mind this is NFA (not financial advice) and always DYOR (do your own research). Upcoming project: - - - - - - - Already minted NFT projects, but worth checking: - - - - - - - - - - - And that would be all for this update. Would like to hear what you think about the progress so far and also did you jump into NFT or Solana train. Peace,


Nevena Sofranic
Woah! I didn't see this up until now. Good job, Stef!