Migration from Trello to Jira - is that worth it?

Nadav Avrahami
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Hi guys! As our dev team grows, I want to improve our working methods and consider moving from Trello into Jira, especially to start working with the Scrum model. Any tips or thoughts? We use a few of Atlassian's services so it feels right to move to Jira. obviously, I'm open to new ideas and products. BTW, it's my first discussion :) Glad to be part of this community!


Vedran Rasic
Yikes! 1. Half of my team said we are mature enough to switch from Trello to Jira. 2. Fine. I got a friend to perform a migration and help us set everything up (we have 7 people in production so Jira is free for up to 10). 3. 2 months later we are still using Trello. :) Basically, it depends if you don't need to tie your code to tickets and you don't need ticket numbers, and better swimlanes it's perfectly fine to use Trello. Hope that helps :)