Meet Frigrow, the fridge to grow fresh food at home!

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Hello Hunters! For the makers festival, we decided with my partner in crime @adlene_denni to go all in and build the prototype of a device that we've been discussing for months now, Frigrow! Frigrow is an autonomous and connected device to grow fresh fruits, vegetable, mushrooms or whatever you want ;) at home! We have a big vision and big plans for this little buddy, especially if it's adopted and supported by the community, by gathering the data from every Frigrow used around the world we aim to improve our algorithm to maximize the growth of organic plants without any chemicals! This algorithm will help us to build larger units of Frigrow that will produce a convenient quantity of food in urban areas without damaging the planet. I would love to hear from you, get some feedback about how we can improve it, or how you think it will help you daily. To see the making of Frigrow and also my sleepless tired face here is the video link: We also built this little landing page especially for the event: And if you think that Frigrow deserves a chance to win the challenge, don't forget to vote here: Thanks a lot for your support and please don't be shy and ask all your questions!


Happy Babies Secret
Hi I liked the concept and the fact that it's the only hardware of the list! well done! do you plan to launch it or is it just for the contest?
@happy_babies_secret thanks for the vote, much appreciated, and yes now that we have our prototype working we will focus on optimization, to get the final version, and software before we plan a crowdfunding campaign :)
Business Ebooks
hehe cool stuff, how did it take to build the prototype? would that be a DIY kit?
@business_ebooks Thanks, frigrow will be a plug & play product, we can imagine a cheaper DIY kit if the community love the concept, would you think that a kit is more appealing to you?
Robert Anderson
I love gardening so if you need a freelance dev related to the business let me know ;)
@robert_anderson11 We should ! if we are selected, we won't have another option than launching a commercial version! let's connect :)
Lucas James
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