🌌 Let's skip the "mistakes" and "failures"!! What's you most unexpected win?

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As entrepreneurs we -sometimes- confuse talent and luck, but with the clarity of experience, I realize that some wins were more the result of hard work and luck rather than talent! I would love to hear from you and your stories and you most unexpected wins! hacks serving the community are welcomed!


David J. Kim
For us it was getting into Techstars. When we got an email for the meeting, it just said "we need to talk" which sounded ominous. So we talked about how we're going to persevere regardless of the result and just to keep a good head on our shoulders. Turns out the meeting was telling us that we got in. That was a big rollercoaster of emotions.
haha that's amazing, funny how some things come so easily when you don't expect them and other are incredibely hard despite all your efforts!