Makers, what are you doing to prevent burnout?

Sharath Kuruganty
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I used to game a lot. My friends and I now dedicate at least 1-2hrs a weekend (when we can) to play a game with each other. It's a great destresser to have fun with friends and let your mind not be overtaken by everything else going on.
Stefan Smiljkovic
@gabe__perez I used to do that before. I played HoN with my friends, its a MOBA, and everytime in while we are waiting in queue to get a game (which can take sometimes 10-20 min), I am getting very nice inspirations and motivation to finish the tasks I was delaying for a while. Not sure why, but that was almost the only game I played for last 10 years. And It put me in the battle mode.
David J. Kim
@gabe__perez +1 Also, if you're having a bad week try not to play any games with troublesome communities.
@stefan_smiljkovic I feel you! I actually did spare work during load times as well. Glad to hear you were able to bond with friends. Hopefully the MOBA wasn't too rage quitty
Michael Silber
@gabe__perez Warzone has gotten me through this pandemic. It has allowed me to have a social outlet when there were none.
Youri Nelson
@gabe__perez I do the same thing, 30min to an hour playing "mini motorways" is a great destresser and it's a game that is simple while still being challenging so it's the right amount of thinking after working hard on the startup.
Shekhar Chandra
Hiking or any other physical activity that gets me away from a screen and internet connection.
Rony Rom
Any activity that can distract me from work - puzzles, walking, play tennis, etc. Also, making sure I'm taking enough short breaks throughout the day :)
Demetri Ilias
Physical activity (be it going to the gym or just going for a walk), healthy eating, and meditation. These three things are the foundation for my entire day.
Bertie IP
@demetri_ilias healthy eating is super important. Keeping your body feeling fresh is crucial when you're in a high stress environment!
Ahmed Alobaidy
watching YouTube videos from my favorite content creators
Ali Irtaza
Physical activity like going for a walk and running. The stay focused through out my day
David J. Kim
Meditation, exercise, walks of nature - all great and I recommend doing them. What personally helps me the most is journaling, having a true honest dialogue with yourself can help ease a lot of stress.
kushy App
Smoking alot.... πŸͺ΄
Paul Lockett
Take a day to do something fun but low effort. I won't play a grand strategy game but I will watch a movie, hang out with friends etc.
Lee Launches
Go at my own pace, try to make sure I take one full day away from computer. Having a dog who like to play and go for walks helps to re,mid ,e to break often.
Marc Knowles
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Pam Moorhouse
Honestly, It’s is a struggle. Short bursts of exercise in the middle of the day are my go to. I come back to the desk with more focus and feel less stressed.
Micro holidays, proper food and sleep. I make sure to have a proper 7-8 hr sleep every night and wake up late if I worked longer/harder the night before. Some kind of work is more demanding. Followed by a good breakfast. Then if I felt like my energy levels are dropping during the day, I take a break, watch something on TV. Basically change the complete context of what I usually do. Then monthly/ quarterly reset and review. I've just started with this, to be improved.
Evgeny Medvednikov
Simply not workout ;)
Andy Dent
Daily Tai Chi. Provides physical, mental and spiritual support. I record everything, mostly in Evernote. Having tons of contextual notes on my thinking and origin of ideas removes the stress of trying to remember things - tip from the Getting Things Done philosophy.
Pritam Chougale
I'm not maker, but marketer & I use gym to prevent burnout. :)
Ramona Vada
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Arjun Kava
I read books a lot to prevent it. It helps a lot and also diverts your thoughts into a different direction.
Mina Opada
Because we are still on lockdown, my "rest" list is significantly reduced. Here are some things you can do while stuck at home: - play virtual games with friends & family (wealth of free resources online. I usually organize these activities, jump into a call, and play) - meditate (I try to do this once a day) - schedule shut down hours. Last year I worked while having lunch, I work on my startup after my day job, and I work on weekends. I got burnt out and shut down for a few months. Now, strictly gadgets off by 10:30 - 11:00 PM. It's still a struggle, but getting there