Makers, what are the best non-business newsletters you read every week?

Sharath Kuruganty
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Stuart Winchester
It's gotta be Margins for me — I really love it
Peter Trizuliak
Weekly top 10 automotive articles from - if cars are your thing.
Hua Shu
a couple of my favorites 🌻 Community - @rosiesherry Newsletter + Podcast – Startup Journey - @designjokes
I'm subscribed to Nick Wignall's newsletter, about mental health.
Grant Heinrich
Storythings - storytelling within marketing, music, the creative industries Everything in moderation - community building for media and journalists Recruiting Brainfood - the intersection of work culture and tech https://www.recruitingbrainfood.... Engineering leadership (There's a lot of these newsletters. Oren's is consistently excellent) Flip Chart Fairy Tales - lies, damn lies and statistics, UK focused, more monthly than weekly https://flipchartfairytales.word... Popular Information - exceptional investigative journalism that tracks the paper trail left by crooked US politicians BIG - the layperson's guide to the case against big tech, concise and well-written
Tiffany Zhao
A little less conventional but I love the one from exec coach Ed Batista - you can subscribe on his website Soulful and spiritual food for thought :)
sunit rana
Reader's digest subscription
vimmo can
I read non business letter on YouTube channel
Dr. Mark Daniel
It's gotta be Margins for me — Just amazing
Gleb Braverman
I enjoy Lindy Newsletter by Paul Skallas
Marcin Michalak
I use Mailist App to create and automatically send newsletters built from my “read-later” stuff.