Looking for early adopters for a product tour editor

Johnny Fekete
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My new startup - Bonboarding - is looking for early adopters for testing 👀 It's a tool to add stunning onboarding flows, product tours to your web app. Integration is as easy as adding a single line of code, and you can start configuring your onboarding experiences in a graphical editor. (here's a 3-minute video about the key features and functionalities: https://www.bonboarding.com/walk... ) I came to a point when it's working really well, so I need real-life testers, early adopters, like YOU 👈 So if you have a web app, that could use onboarding for your users, please let me know. Not only could you use my product for free for a year, but in exchange for feedback, I would send a delightful goodie bag for the first ten web apps 🎁 I appreciate any comments and responses. But for the testing, it's necessary to have a web app where Bonboarding's snippet can be integrated 🙌🙏


This tool looks amazing!! Congrats 🤩
Mohsen Kamrani
Didn't try the tool tbh but more than happy to use it when it's time. Anyway, I really liked what you do based on your really good introduction videos. What caught my eyes was the analytics along with the simplicity of creating a flow especially specific to each user.
@m_kamrani thanks! Let me know if you are in that stage when you need it, I'd be super happy to give it in exchange of feedback 🙂 Also, glad you like the analytics and simplicity of the product