How do you deal with self-doubt? 🤔

Johnny Fekete
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I can't be the only one questioning myself from time to time if my future projects will work out or not? For me, what helps the most is surrounding myself with like-minded, entrepreneurial people, who can inspire and motivate me. What about you? 🌱


Dafni Chontou
Having a strong support group is so important! For me, it also helps to - separate the success/failure of the project from my personal learning and growth - remind myself that we are all winging it :)
@dafnihnd yes, the winging it part becomes most clear when you interact with people in the same shoes ☺️ It's really reassuring when you hear from super successful people, that they have the same doubts 🙂
Markus Jenul
Here is what helped me: 1) surrounding yourself with the right people and thinking of things that are really important in life. It helps me to put the current problem in relation. e.g. I am healthy, I have a home, I have a family, friends, etc. so all is fine 2) But i always tell myself, just keep going.. the worst is to stop cause then you will never find out if it worked out or not. 3) if you don't believe in it, then no one will. You have to push through that. If you don't do it then you have lost already. It really makes a difference what you do in times of doubt and not when its easy. Cause the average person simply stops when they are in doubt.
@markus_jenul1 yes, I agree with all, and the third one is especially important. I try to put work on autopilot, so no matter what, I have to make some progress every day. And as you wrote, simply not stopping is enough to move forward, no matter the speed
Get inspired and get competitive that's how I keep myself going.
Dawn Veltri
I usually walk out the fear all the way to the end. If I fail, what will actually happen? It is almost always a result I can deal with if it were to happen. It lessens the fear and doubt. Then I keep going, stopping because of self-doubt has a 100% chance of getting you nowhere. The more you can speak with other people, the more you realize that there are very few special people and that most people are just putting one foot in front of the other and figuring things out as they go.
MacLain Christie
Self-doubt gets a bad wrap, but I've come to value it. When I'm feeling doubts about myself or what I'm working on, my brain is bringing that up for a reason. I want to know what's going on. So I hear it out. Inquire into what is behind the self-doubt. What are the thoughts, feelings, senses associated with the self-doubt? Explore what comes up. There could be valuable information in there, information that can help me avoid future pitfalls and failure. Information that could help me see a better opportunity, a pivot, or an adjustment. Instead of treating self-doubt as something to fend off, overpower, or ignore, I treat it as an opportunity to see something I didn't see before.
Maria Batrin
I do not have many like-minded people around all the time. That's why I mostly read books/blogs/articles about famous entrepreneurs. It also helps much to get some case studies about the struggles, as I often find myself idealizing them or their path. I also use affirmations to cheer up and remind myself why I started it all. By the way, we've launched Able today - an app with affirmation plans based on your needs. I will be happy if it helps someone else too!
Sara Gifford
There's a great quote "It took years and years to become an overnight success." That's what I tell myself - I'm just on the journey!
It is like hunger, emotion - it comes and go. If you give it enough time and little attention, it will impact you less - at least this works for me.
Mahak from Outgrow
having great and supportive friends both at work and in my personal life helps me to motivate myself from time to time and to come out of self-doubt.
Юлия Петровна
I am very often hindered by the strong importance of a project. Therefore, I always come up with insurance - that is, a variant of my actions in case of failure.