Looking for a hunter

Simon Sovič
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We've self.hunted two of our products with various results. For the next launch of our new product called heycopy.io, we want to do it with a hunter to see what impact that has on the launch. Any suggestions of good hunters that have a soft spot for copywriting related projects?


Anupama Panchal
@kevin had helped us in our Launch of Linkjoy . You can reach out to him, he is the best ✌️
Ken Savage
Glad to help you in any way 👍
Simon Sovič
@kensavage I appreciate your willingness! We just got a hunter :D Also I checked out Local Lead Game and it looks seriously cool!
Fabian Maume
https://upvote-bell.com/leaderboard is a good place to look for hunter. I could potentially help you, if you want (I send you a contact request on LinkedIn).
Simon Sovič
@fabian_maume Upvote-bell looks awesome! Thanks for sharing it. Also, thanks for your willingness, but we just got a hunter. Kevin is going to help us.
Anton Ross
It is best to look at similar projects and who launched them