Did you ever have an accountability buddy to improve your copywriting?

Simon Sovič
5 replies
How did you find your accountability buddy and what did your process look like?


Fabian Maume
That is an interesting idea. I never have accountability buddy for copy-writing, but I use LUNADIO to have accountability on my project and that helped a lot.
Vio Vanica
you can try https://myfocusspace.com/ as well, though it will help you be accountable to the process of writing, you can create connections with other copywriters who are going to be matched with you.
Aine Kavanagh
This is a really good idea. I often think about publishing blogs but then I wonder if I am so caught up in it, that I think it's clear but no one else does. Food for thought and good that some tools are available on this, thanks!
Simon Sovič
Thanks to your feedback we created a copy buddy site and we hope to launch it soon: https://www.heycopy.io