Looking for a good and not expensive tool for social media data

Daniel Oliva
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Hi everyone, I'm an owner of a small digital marketing agency in Brazil and we've been using Socialbakers for years. But the tool isn't as good anymore and other such as Supermetrics and Funnel has these cool integrations and automation with google spreadsheets and data studio. But oh boy they're expensive for a SMB. Does anyone have any solutions for services like this one? Thank you!


Jing Hu
Hi Daniel, ` I think it really depends on the features you need and your marketing work flow. I know Hootsuite, Hubspot, or Loomly are good ones (we are using loomly atm), but still go back to exam your requirements first, then it might be easier for you to find the right tool 😄
Fabian Maume
It depend of the features you are looking for and the social media you want to work with. Phantombuster offer cheap way to extract data from social media, but it is more for Ad hoc analysis than reporting purpose.
Daniel Oliva
@fabian_maume thank you for your insight. I'm currently using phantombuster for some simple extractions, will try to do something more complex out of it. thank you!