Live Voice to text transcription tools for Zoom call?

Jade T.
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Do you know of any tools that can provide live voice-to-text transcription when doing Zoom call? It's like when you press CC button on Google Meet and then you get live transcription in real time.


Tlholo Lichaba
Give Tactiq a try. I've been using it for 2 months and haven't been disappointed.
Jade T.
@tlholo Thanks, Tlholo. I've checked it but I don't think it helps me turn on the live captions as a participant. Seems like it only works when the host turns on the live caption feature
Tlholo Lichaba
@jade_aht I see. Maybe give Otter a try. I haven't used it, but I think they'll have a solution for you
Osinachi Onwuka
Panda is amazing at this! Carry out live voice-to text transcription seamlessly. You should give it a try. It's simple and easy to use.
Jade T.
@ossy Hmm it seems like the product hasn't been launched yet. Are you from this team? Can I message you about it?
@ossy @jade_aht Thank you Osinachi for the mention Hi Jade, we're actually in a private beta so only a select few of our users have access to it - Please feel free to message me
Giuseppe Di Nuccio
You can also consider "One Transcriber" ( Live Captioning/Transcription of meetings (zoom or any other tool) is not so commonly provided, majority of Solutions only provide file based transcriptions (e.g. transcription of recordings).