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Jade T.
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Is there any tool that can help me find a person who is based in one country but is working for a company in another country? For example, I want to find a developer who is living in India but is working for a company in the US


Alex G
Yes, Now time many tools are in markets, but they are maximum premium. You can use LinkedIn sales navigators to find it. Note; it's a paid tool, so you must need a paid navigator, otherwise you can try with name to email service tools.
Yohan Ubey
You could try using Apollo.io. It has a free trial.
Jade T.
@intelli_ads Thank you. I tried it but it couldn't separate the location of the headquarter and contact person :(
Janak Patel
Phantom buster can help you with LinkedIn data
Hélène SAN
Hey Jade, maybe you should try Snackeet! you can create and design easy fill-out forms and launch interactive surveys to share through a link or via emails