List of 80+ active pre-seed investors

Matthew Johnson
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Hello - we'd been doing some research on investors for our pre-seed round, and decided to open source what we found. Here's a list of more than 80 funds that actually invest at pre-seed/in rounds of ~$1m or less. Hope it's helpful and saves you some time!


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Really helpful. Thanks Matthew!
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@mattcrail Super helpful! Do you already have your GTM strategy in place before reaching out to these investors?
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@prateek_mathur I wrote up a bit on my approach in another comment here We didn't start reaching out to investors until we had a product with a bit of traction
Seller at heart, helping founders sell
@mattcrail This is awesome, thank you so much. Once you have traction, how do you define your overall GTM?
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So helpful! Thanks!
it’s really helpful for me. Thanks
wow, nice! Thanks
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WOW! @mattcrail thank you very much for this list!!
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You rock ! I am seeking investors and this would be great ways to reach out to them :)