LinkedIn's new 30 second video profile

Alex Papageorge
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Has anyone tried creating their video, replacing their profile picture? LinkedIn seems to have made a conscious effort to be more of "social media" recently. Personally, I've liked the changes. But this change, might be my favorite. So much of LinkedIn is focused on the job search, or finding candidates. Images and pictures don't really share anything about anyone. A video however, is very hard to fake and offers a snapshot of one's personality. Which at the day should help the recruitment / networking process.


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no. i didn't do that. does it actully work?
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@piyal_paul1 works just fine. seems some people have the capability, others don't. Are you able to? I'm able to. I thought it was rolled out to everyone but not sure anymore ha
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I saw this on someone's profile right before I came here. I think this is a great idea.
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@jasoncavness agreed. great idea, why not? Videos tell much more than pics
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Is this rolled out to everyone yet? I am only seeing a photo or frames option for my profile photo 🤷‍♂️
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@fritzly I think you're right. I asked a buddy and he had trouble too. Not easily uncovered on the web either, but guess not...
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I am seeing this option mobile but not on the website.
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Yes , I agree with you sir.i think it is right