Lets talk about your fav product for the week

Emeka Boris Ama
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I will start. My fav product for this week is Twitter Thread Summarizer


Madhurima Halder
Mine is !https://recruitcrm.io. The best product for recruiters, recruitment agencies and headhunters!
Bilal Chaglani
I found Dive from last week quite interesting as well!
Asraful Islam
Recently, my favorite product is Notion. It's an all in one workplace app to organize your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases. I like Notion because of its great features, and the fact that it solved my problem nicely. 1. Clean interface, easy to use and fun to use; It works like a wiki, where you can focus on content, and also more than a wiki, where you can easily format the content, by simply drag and drop. You're able to create a nice/neat article without knowing HTML/CSS 2. Data Visualization. Content can be presented in many format; Video, Image, Weblinks, etc. List can be visualized in different view, such as Board, Calendar, etc. I was able to do meal planning in a list, to manage the recipe & grocery, and also visualize the weekly plan in a calendar view. 3. All in one workplace. for the meal planning, I have youtube video or other video embedded in the recipe. And it plays inside the tool, without opening a Youtube webpage in browser. It saves my time to switch back and forth between windows. It may sounds like a small thing, but it's a life changer for me, and I replaced Evernote with Notion. 4. Strong Notion Community. Many enthusiastic users help the product spread the world, and reinforce the community with building more and more useful and intuitive templates. It has its own weaknesses, and think it can be improved: 1. Lack of Integration; Since the company mission is to do a single tool that could do practically everything people needed to work together, there still has room to improve. Mostly integrate with design tools (Figma, InVision, etc.), and content editing tools (Image, Audio, Videos, etc. ). 2. Lack of offline mode in mobile devices. You've to go online to load the page, then you'll be able to access it while offline