Let's launch together? Join us Live on LinkedIn tomorrow!

ankita singh
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Join us Live tomorrow at 4 PM IST to see the product live in action! You can try it for yourself too! 😊 See you all tomorrow! Link- https://www.linkedin.com/video/e...


Yingtong Quek
Good luck for your launch tomorrow! I have plans other than work as it's a PH tomorrow over here so I sadly won't be able to join. Will the video be available on YouTube?
ankita singh
@yingtong_quek The video will be available on our LinkedIn page and we will try to upload it on YouTube too for you to access it. Although i would like you to check ProductHunt tomorrow :-p Thank you
Yingtong Quek
@ankita_singh14 Sure, I'll access PH from my smartphone :P
Why 4PM IST and not 1.30 PM IST?? Just curious. Best of luck with your launch though.
Jenny Winget
What was that one top take-away from your launch which you could pass on to me... that would help me make it successful for our product. ???