Launch timing? Was your offer a bust, mild or a massive success?

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Hi all, Granted, I'm new on the site and doing a lot of reading and digesting. I've read a lot about when to launch and decided I would simply submit my product. Maybe I'm missing something because I'm new but are there any stats showing hits and misses, wins and failures, etc. Was launch timing a thing for you? Aren't we told that about everything? Don't cold call on Monday's or Friday's, send your emails on these time frames, etc etc. To me, it seems that no matter when you launch, if people are interested in your offer, the word would spread, timing or not, no? Any here who can say timing was everything and why? What are your experiences? Did you launch only to learn that no one was really interested in your offer or did you have some or massive success? It would be interesting to hear those experiences.
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