Are discussions moderated first?

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I wanted to ask a question of the community and posted a new discussion. It's been at least an hour and I don't see it showing up anywhere. Are posts moderated or something else I'm not aware of yet being new?


Inna Proshkina
I don' think so. I can see my own discussions and comments appear pretty instantly.
Seems someone moderated it. I posted a question asking about launch time importance. It was on my screen after saving it for quite some time. When I came back to the PC and moved to another page, I could never find the post again. It's vanished.
Alice Rodgers
The discussions are moderated by the PH team every few hours.
Lorena Rodriguez
I posted a new discussion and don't see it either. How do I get new discussions to post? I
Naveed Rehman
Can't see my posts too... I think it's moderated.