Launch strategies

Tanya Gupta
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What are the strategies to undertake when you are just two weeks away from your launch? Also, stay tuned!


Xavier Coiffard
- Grow your mailing list & audience - Prepare your assets for the launch - list all the communities that could support you for D-Day - Start to think of your post launch strategy (I created a Notion about it, check my product called UserBooster )
Angi Bowman
What else have you done since planning your launch? If you haven't already, your assets need to be done soon. Get all of your details finalized and ready to go. If you haven't tested your website to make sure it can take the load of the traffic increases, now is a good time. If you can, I would start reaching out to your mailing list/audience of current users to see who is already on PH. It's a little too close to get them to sign up for accounts to have their votes count. Do the same with partners and those within your network. We also used an in-app survey on the day of the launch to encourage people to engage. We haven't seen a high return in engaging with social media communities (FB, Reddit, Slack). FB and Reddit in particular had little - if any - return on the day of the launch, and the Slack groups weren't much better. If you haven't joined any of those groups by now, good luck. Some of those groups can take months to get in because they aren't actively moderated. Plan for coverage throughout the launch day. I like to have a developer on call at all times in case something happens. We split the shifts to respond to feedback among the team, and it worked well.
Mccarthy Eugene
I just started with Substack and Hashnode. But I prefer Hashnode for few reasons: 1) Better UI with blog customisation 2) Supportive community on Discord 3) Ownership - You can download all the content 4) Free custom domain 5) Widget / Integration / Newsletter 6) Better visibility - They would promote your content 7) SEO friendly 8) Free! My blog: Spider Solitaire