Any app suggestions to cope with work and college together?

Tanya Gupta
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Tanya Gupta
Drop-in your suggestions everyone!
Franklin Ehmann
@tanya_gupta0502 If you have troubles doing your job and college at the same time, I can suggest something for you. I was personally using in order to get my homeworks done. There you can find anything, starting with an essay and ending with poetry analysis. Its super useful if you dont have enough time/passion for your college
Vanshika Chaturvedi
Hey!! I too am a person who is in college and working simultaneously! I think there is no app as such- just your management skills with which you will be able to stay afloat. Of course, there will be days where you will be able to barely scrape through and some days, you may not achieve your targets either but in the end, it is your passion that helps you keep going!
Would you consider trying out Sidekick? (I can't link it for some reason, but it's in my bio) I use it for slightly different purpose - juggling my full time and my side project. It helps you time block and run pomodoro sessions that can help with time management and making sure you're on track with what you need. You can also tag sessions with what it's for so you have a greater view of your time spent. Hope that helps! If not, pomodoro sesisons really did wonders for me in time management! Good luck :)
Tvisha raji
I think Notion would be a good place to start if you just wish to organize your schedule
Michelle Lee
I'm the type to try every new shiny productivity tool out there in search of 'the one'. I don't think there is a magical tool but TickTick has been keeping me afloat between a full-time job, a consultancy agency, and being an editor for an online publication. It helps me prioritize tasks with the classic Eisenhower matrix and focus on single tasks through pomodoro timers. It's the only tool so far that fits my needs without me resorting to building the "perfect system" on my own (which I am always tempted to do... but then realize it's just another distraction my brain is making up to procrastinate).
I think productivity tools are effective in helping us people working and studying at the same tool. I think the main thing that helps me with that balance is using a calendar religiously. We made GoStartup for people with these balancing challenges which you can check from my profile if you're interested in trying a productivity app :) Hopefully you find a good balance and don't get too stressed in the future!
Manjeet Singh
There are many apps that help people cope with work and college. They are designed to help people focus on their tasks and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Some apps that can be helpful include: - Headspace - Calm - RescueTime - Forest If you want to know about the Data Collection Apps for Special Education Teachers you can check this out here:- These apps also make it easier for teachers to keep track of the progress of their students. The apps allow them to monitor which student is struggling and what they need help with so that they can go over it with that student during class time or after school hours.
Jack Zappa
There are so many apps that help make college easier. There are apps that help you study for tests and keep track of your grades, apps that help you find cheap flights and hotels, and even an app that helps you find a parking spot. There are so many apps that are designed to make life easier but there are so many other apps that can help you cope with work and school together. I will have to visit website for coursework writing help. Some apps like Headspace, Calm, and Moment can help you relax and focus on the task at hand. If you're constantly struggling with work or school, try downloading an app like Calm or Headspace to help you cope with stress.
Amanda Trincher
Try to better plan your time, and do not score on your studies. Keep sites like handy if you're in too much debt or don't have the time at all, they can be a life saver in tough times