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Adrian Cruz
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After struggling with my day job for the past few years, I have finally found some time to consistently make progress on my side project (personal finance app) and getting to that point where, after 2+ years of work, it's stable! I'm planning to drive traffic to our website using our blog, guest posting, influencer marketing, as well as some advertising later on. But I would love some feedback on what are the conversions rates we can expect. What channels do you think convert best to drive app installs / web signups? I'd also like to be able to launch it on PH and get a few upvotes, and wondering how others drive engagement with their launches, and so many comments and upvotes? Sometimes it feels like everyone else is a magical influencer unicorn but me... 🤔 Please rate my strategy and feel free to critique our landing page, in-app UX, the blog, or anything else really! Check it out at


Akram Quraishi
Content marketing, guest blogging, influencer marketing, and advertising all sound good. You can maybe add cold email outreach to the plan. But don't keep high hopes for PH launch. Even if you get good upvotes, that doesn't translate into traffic and signups let alone conversion. Focus on your plan and you should be good.
Adrian Cruz
@akramquraishi Yes I was actually wondering about the conversion on PH launches... I think people tend to assume that eyeballs = conversions but of course it is not true! I would guess probably around 5 - 10% conversion rate from PH, but wanted to check with experienced folks
Fabian Maume
Quora can be a good channel to bring traffic to your blog. You can use QApop 2.0 to help with it. Regarding influencer marketing, you can try to connect with people active in a specific hashtag on LinkedIn. Hashtag feeds are automatically filtered for influencers:
Adrian Cruz
@fabian_maume Thanks for sharing. I definitely missed Quora and LinkedIn as viable channels, definitely will look into QApop :)