Got tips for launching?

Adrian Cruz
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After struggling with my day job for the past few years, I have finally found some time to consistently make progress on my side project (personal finance app) and getting to that point where, after 2+ years of work, it's stable! I'm planning to drive traffic to our website using our blog, guest posting, influencer marketing, as well as some advertising later on. But I would love some feedback on what are the conversions rates we can expect. What channels do you think convert best to drive app installs / web signups? I'd also like to be able to launch it on PH and get a few upvotes, and wondering how others drive engagement with their launches, and so many comments and upvotes? Sometimes it feels like everyone else is a magical influencer unicorn but me... 🤔 Please rate my strategy and feel free to critique our landing page, in-app UX, the blog, or anything else really! Check it out at
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