Launch Day Dashboard: advantages and disadvantages

Andrii Kpyto
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Hi Hunters! I noticed many great examples of "Launch Day Dashboard", like an amazing Thursday landing with live diagrams and statistics and "live social mentions wall". But on our first launch of Sembly Personal, we decided not to use additional Dashboards, for internal use Makers was checking the PH "Launch Day" page and GA for the site. Is the launch dashboard appropriate for B2B products? Share your experience, how did you share live launch statistics with the audience, and did you share at all? P.S.: Built-in counter banners are not counted as a dashboard :)


Andrii Kpyto
Let's vote for a Dashboard strategy:
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It's an interesting question and one I've been thinking about for our eventual launch.
Vian Trinh
Interesting question. Love to follow up on this :)
Fabian Maume
I just used Product wars, to monitor the PH launch.
Nishith from True Sparrow
@kpyto Glad you liked Thursday's launch day tracker. It helped us start conversations on twitter, linkedin, indie hacker, and a few slack communities. People are generally more receptive when you are building in public. We are now planning to build a similar ongoing dashboard - in a way making ourselves accountable to our users. Happy to help and answer any specific questions that you might have.
Margarita Shvetsova
@nishith_shah thanks for sharing, Nishith! When I saw that cool dashboard on your launch day, I thought: OK, it's fun for us others to watch these numbers, but why did THEY bother? I'm sure it required some time to create it... and now I see it did pay off! Very cool! =)