Landing Page Feedback

Ansh Agrawal
2 replies
Hey founders, I am Ansh, a junior student from India. I am building RealTalk, a peer support app for mental health. I would love to have some feedback on our Landing Page from fellow founders. You can see the landing page at Specific pointers of feedback I am looking at: 1. Overall, how is the appeal of the landing page? 2. How clear is the messaging about what RealTalk is and what it has to offer? 3. Is it convincing enough for someone to drop their email? Thank you for reading this far. Looking forward to your feedback!


Sozin Saphire
Hey I think you had a really good job. At the moment I click I understand what it is. Maybe you can add more details about the inside of the product maybe example screesnshots for the more curious and shy users to the following of the opening page and add another email collect thing to the end