Finding UVP of my Product

Ansh Agrawal
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Hey, I am actually struggling with the worst issue a founder can face, not knowing the unique value proposition of their product. I am building RealTalk (, a peer support app that is similar to a social media platform without the concept of likes, followers, comments. In short, it is a platform for people to express their thoughts, feelings, etc. in the form of a post. The posts do not have any CTAs like like, comment, etc. that can be used to judge a person. Instead, comments are replaced with an option to DM the person. Therefore, RealTalk is basically a feed where people share their stories, and interested peers can directly message the user to engage in a meaningful conversation. The 2 value proposition that comes up and creates confusion are: Is RealTalk a platform that allows people to share whatever they wanted to with the freedom of not being judged through numbers (number of likes, comments, followers) Is RealTalk a platform where people can express their thoughts, feelings, etc. and people that relate or understand, can directly message the person to initiate a conversation? Usually, it is the other way round, where we have to find someone who understands to listen to us. I am really confused as to which one of the above, is the actual UVP of RealTalk. Will really appreciate some help.


Hunter Owens
Hey Ansh, congrats on building Realtalk! It's great to see new apps in the social media space that are doing things differently. I would advise building towards the second value prop. I'd be worried that building towards the first (share whatever they wanted to with the freedom of not being judged) could lead to an abundance of hostile and abusive posts if people feel they can say "whatever" without being judged.
Abhinav Unnam
I think, this is a question which cannot be answered by anyone except you and your team or maybe your customers. The early customers and product market fit is critical for the very reason to verify the two hypothesis and see which one of those is big enough pain for them to use the platform for.