It's World Music Day!

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What's your favourite genre of music and/or one song you'd like to recommend to the PH community?


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French Rap. 👀
Plant lover 🌿
@jacquelinclem @cica_laure_mbappe that sounds interesting! will check it out :D
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@cica_laure_mbappe @ruchira_08 look for : • Georgio - Noir paradis • Hatik - Adieu mon amour • Achile - Danse • Rémio - Columbine • PNL - Au DD ❤️🎵
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Progressive metal by Dream Theater. They are masters of their craft. I would suggest listening whole album of Metropolis, Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory. Pure masterpiece.
@linda_liepa sounds cool, will check it out!
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Billie Eilish, Ocean Eyes💓
@nataliekarakina thanks for sharing!
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Plant lover 🌿
Currently playing a 90s RnB playlist 😎
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i don't really listen to music, i like something inspirational from movie or series i watch then i download it and listen
Currently playing Katy Perry and Taylor Swift!
What type of headphone are you using to listen to music is the real question! Headphones are a gamechanger!
I am passionate about my work
Thanks for sharing us!
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I really love the song One Day. Reminds us to focus on the present. Live now. Not tomorrow.