It's Friday so let's have some fun!

Sharath Kuruganty
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What's your fav past time when you are building or creating?


Going on walks, feeding and playing with stray dogs
Michael Silber
Reading fiction and rock climbing. Both give me some space from the problems I'm tackling and give me some interesting perspective
Maxwell Davis
Playing with the kiddos, going for a hike or if it's just for me gaming - city builders, grand strategy, 4X and a bit of FPS to get me distracted.
Matt Trussell
I take little breaks throughout the day to clear my head and get the blood pumping. I'll chip some golf balls in the backyard, shoot some hoops in the driveway, ride my bike around the block, practice a trick on my skateboard, or hop on the balance board. 10-15 minutes of doing something active and physically technical helps to take my mind completely off whatever cerebral task I'm working on and allows me to reset. However, if the weather outside is unfavorable I'll ride the exercise bike or throw some dumbbells around.
Watching some fun videos.
Reading books, working out, listening to music, and sketching. When I feel less productive at work, I try to use different parts of my brand in order to refresh my mind.
Kai Hess
Getting lost in the great outdoors! Calvin and Hobbes famously said: "If your knees aren't green by the end of the day, you ought to seriously re-examine your life" Nothing more inspiring than letting your mind wander as you take in the trees, valleys, and vistas. 'Forest bathing' also has legitimate positive physiological effects.
Zakaria Namissi
Taking breaks from the hard work and simply go for a run , that’s my way to relieve all the stress and that’s my fav .
Michael Andreuzza
Surf,... The ocean is magic.
Camella Manors Real Estate
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Love all of these answers. The world is a beautiful place, and you should be exploring it with every chance you get, no matter the terrain. The same with socializing, humans are naturally meant to interact frequently, so engaging with (ideally favorable) people is an incredible way keep your brain sharp and enjoy the basics of the human experience! (Forget all the online stuff for a while :)
Riddhi Dagli
For me, it is either reading books, listening to music or working out.
Enjoying quality time with family and loved ones
Matthew Ritchie
I'm late to the party here, but thought I'd chime in—I've been going through Rolling Stone's Top 500 albums of all time list and listening to them in order while I work. Aside from some stone-cold classics, there are tons I've never or heard of previously didn't give the time of day too. Check it out here:
Cristina Miquel
Goint to concerts now that they are baaaack 🤘