Is work from hotel a new trend in the travel industry?

Tuomas Haapala
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Could working from a hotel be a big trend in the future of travel industry? And how should hotels take this into account?


Vaibhav Taneja
I guess yes- people are actually frustrated being working from home. So now they prefer to go for workation instead. Working from the hotel will be a new trend and I believe how restaurants have options for workstations now hotels should also take this into consideration and provide relevant plans for the same.
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Tuomas Haapala
@tammymartin that's interesting. I actually work in a hotel consept here in Finland called VALO Hotel & Work, which is equally designed as coworking offices, meeting areas etc. as a regular hotel. I have been checking the Google search a lot lately and have noticed that "work from hotel" is a really popular search basically all over the world.
Florrie Sauls
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Morris Plegge
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