Is There Still A Need of Visual Prototyping Tools Next to Figma?

Matthias Karg
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Figma is becoming the 1-stop shop for all things product discovery and design. Their prototyping capability is getting more and more sophisticated. In our team, we already use it often instead of Principle. Do you think there's still a space for stand-alone prototyping tools, and which strategic moves should these tools make to stay relevant?


For the moment I don't. One tool who did everything I need look better than 4/5 differents tools doing it.
Matthias Karg
@jacquelinclem which tools did Figma replace in your or your company's workflows?
Shariq A
Does your team work with REST APIs? If yes, I highly doubt that Figma can prototype and create API Prototypes and Simulations as well as our product. But if Figma can then it is great that your team found something that meets all the prototyping requirements
Everett Berry
I am seeing niche areas turn to Figma for prototyping. For example this database ER diagram we created has been one of our most popular pieces of content
Matthias Karg
@everett_berry that's a really great example going way beyond prototyping. I've also seen it as a way to create animated GIFs etc.
Rene-Andre Yebakima
I don't see the need for other tools as we speak - except for very specific diagrams that are better designed at speed with other tools (including the might PowerPoint hehe). The pace at which Figma releases new features + their focus on making design faster make it difficult to beat.
Matthias Karg
@rayebakima What's an example that you would use Powerpoint to prototype with for?
Luis Ferran
I think there's definitely a need for more niche players. For example Framer is doing a great job at very precise, custom animations and micro-interactions.