Is having a nice website worth it for mobile consumer apps?

Matthias Karg
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We're building a mobile app. Basically, the app can ideally cover the whole user journey (incl. acquisition of new users through sharing etc.). At the same time we think it's still important to have a website, but how much effort should we spend on that one. Apps like Instagram, Tiktok, Whatsapp, Clubhouse, initially only had a landing page and maybe careers. Is that enough or is there something more to consider?


Jack Davis
Yes it is worth it. Trying to make your product as good as it can be in all areas counts towards the brand persona. But I understand what you are saying about the opportunity cost of wasting a bunch of time for something that might not be used less. I would say it is still worth it to spend some time and make it look pretty and function well!
Justin Hopkins
I'd say it depends on the context of what your app is. Generally, though, I'd definitely consider having a somewhat fleshed out landing page with 2-3 of the major features/benefits of your app listed. It definitely leaves a stronger impression than if you just have the bare essentials of a logo, an App Store link, and a screen/small paragraph of text. Page builders make it pretty easy nowadays if you need a quick and simple website, so mainly, the issue would just be writing some compelling descriptions to get people's attention and interest.
Younes Al Hyar
Yes, more than 80% of Internet users are on mobile.
Arnab Barua
Yes definitely worth it! We made our landing page and have gotten A LOT of good feedback and reception from investors, customers, and users!
Matthias Karg
@arnab_barua thanks for the feedback. Do you also actively use the website to convert users to your app or is it more about brand-building and exposure?
Arnab Barua
@matthias_karg more about just having a landing page for the time being for investors and customers to land on. Sign up for our beta on the website :)
Mark Smith
I totaly agree that it depends on the context of what your app is. But it's never a bad idea to ask others for some help. We experienced a similar situation in our company, so we decided to get some advice from people who are aware of all the specific details and can consult us. We collaborated with Visartech, here is some information about the imortance of Consulting.