Is there a platform where experienced coders get paid to give on demand feedback for newbie coders?

Jason Dainter
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Is there a product where inexperienced coders can write code and have expert coders (in an on demand fashion and paid) check said code, fix, give feedback quickly/easily? I'd like to pay for this myself. I'm past the total beginner phase (have built basic things before), but would like to build real products (whilst teaching myself more as I go). Since I havn't have a career as a software engineer I don't really have a strong network of coder types to call on, and am extremely impatient so want this type of help yesterday on a paid basis (eg not as a favour). Ive found in the past someone experienced showing you where you're blocked or what you're doing wrong can save days of time researching this the slow and painful way. Does said service exist?


Viacheslav Bakshaev when you stack with code/solution, you can "pay" with earned credit, so your question/problem is prioritized to be answered. IT consultants - you can hire for a week/month an experienced 20+ years high skill consultant, who can make a code audit/review, can suggest a tech stack to go at this stage of the product, and can help you with tools and dev ops. I guess they can be hired as tech mentors too when they check your project once a week/month.
Jason Dainter
@ihomp thanks. I'm familiar with stack overflow but I lack the time to build up credit and its not really the same thing, this is more of a text based question and answer type set up. I'd like to pay to access a vetted/experienced developer and have them jump into my code and specific problem in real time, explaining their thought process and aside from offering fix/solution showing how they got there. This (at least for me) is an extremely fast way to learn vs alternative methods. Sure I could hire a consultant but I was rather hoping someone had productised that a bit more. That could be a plan B though.