Is multitasking a lie?

Zala Gajser
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Lately I have been thinking that the start/stop/start process is tough for us. Rather than saving time (as we hope), it really costs time (and mental energy). What do you think?


Lara Razinger
Totally agree, not to mention forgetting half the important information in between..
Zala Gajser
@lara_razinger haha don't even get me started on that
Lara Razinger
@omer133 Right? 😂 Glad we agree. I think we could also agree in checking out our Carpio 2.0 (maker: @forst ) that's live this very moment here on PH :P jokes aside, we would still very much appreciate your feedback :)
Jan Forsthuber
Just revisited a couple of pages from the book "The ONE thing" by Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan to remind myself that multitasking is a lie, indeed. To sum up: Task switching exacts a cost few realize they're even paying. Researchers estimate we lose 28% of an average workday due to multitasking ineffectiveness.
Jan Forsthuber
Oh, and just a couple of days ago, I received a job application from someone that is claiming their skill is Multitasking, with a rating of 5/5, haha :D
Taja Marcetic
Totally. Doing few things at the same time results in doing everything just average. Do you want to be average in everything? I know I don't. I believe it's much better to put all effort in one thing at the time and really focus on doing it in the best way possible. That's how magic happens ✨
Primož Erjavec
There is no such thing as effective multitasking :)
Misha Krunic
I think I'm much closer to answering "Yes" here, based on a couple of last months.
Misha Krunic
@zala_gajser Well since I've added to the list of projects I'm working on it's been much more efficient for me to focus on one specific task in one time frame, especially when the previous or next task is for a different project.
Rucha Joshi
Yes, deep focus on one task at a time for me, if I want to be effective.
Omer Mohar
I wish I could just take time to commit to one task, but sometimes scheduling gets in the way. How do you combat multitasking?
Zala Gajser
@omer133 Personally I like doing multiple projects at the time, since not being too focused on one goals makes me perform better (it's a way for me to battle perfectionism). So here's first distinction: being a part of multiple projects and doing multiple tasks at the same time. Each project has a dedicated time slot in my calendar and then I start writing down the tasks. First of I prioritise them and then start with the most important ones all the way to the least. Often times tasks are much bigger than just one "to-do list entry", in such cases I break them down into smaller bricks. But each task or brick deserves their own time. When I am writing an email, I don't start with another task before the email is done.
Omer Mohar
@zala_gajser nice that makes a lot of sense, staying dedicated to a task but making sure your projects are diversified to keep pushing you makes a lot of sense. Thanks!!
Alina Ihnatiuk
Multitasking takes a lot of energy, I totally agree with you. For example, my CEO sleeps 3 hours, works on 3 businesses, goes to university, sings at events in the evening. Every day ... Why does she manage to do everything and at the same time does she always have an energy resource ? I think because everything is good in her life. Everyone is alive and well, no financial problems, no toxic environment. When a person is happy and nothing bothers him, he is ready to do the impossible. Therefore, in order to be a multitasking person, you need to close problems, surround yourself with successful people, eat delicious food, devote 1 hour a day to yourself and your interests ... Over time, your mental health will increase and your productivity will be similar.
Ira GI
This is a way of life that you need to get used to.
Nishith from True Sparrow
I am terrible at multi-tasking. I just can't do it. I need to be focussed on one thing and only one thing at a time. I know a lot of jobs require you to be good at multi-tasking, but those won't be for me.
Stav Zelnik
Totally agree, I'm terrible at multitasking! Rather take it slow and do things properly
Nim Ron
I definitely think it is. Check this ted talk on the topic
Tuğçe Içözü
According to the recent "Explained" documentary, yes, it is. Lately, I'm focusing on one thing at a time. I feel more peaceful and calm. Also, my productivity increased in a short time