Facebook ads vs Email marketing: the impact of customer segmentation?

Zala Gajser
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Hi there fellow marketers! With the new IOS 15 update the beloved metrics like "open rates" will become almost irrelevant. Besides the latest Facebook issues are really pushing us to focus and put more weight on email marketing. In my opinion brands will have to invest more time (and research) into wisely segmenting their audience on email platforms (e.g Klaviyo) in order to keep themselves relevant in customers inbox. I am curious to see what you think. Can you give some tips on how to start even with a small budget and more of a one-man-band team?


Alina Ihnatiuk
If a company does not delegate email marketing to third-party specialists (and there are many questions about whether to do this or not), then, as a rule, only one or two people are engaged in the development of this channel. It's good if the staff has a copywriter, designer, layout designer and programmer, but sometimes organizing their joint work on one letter is a big problem, there is a need to make decisions very quickly and create content on your own, since email is a very time-limited channel. Late mailings are often wasted efforts. Therefore, it is important that the service gives the specialist the maximum opportunity to work independently, including setting up automated scripts. MailChimp, Getresponse and Unisender combine access to a large number of ready-made templates, even for tariffs. eSputnik, on the other hand, uses many templates for individual blocks (buttons, dividers, product cards), from which you can create an original letter even sometimes faster. Another nice bonus - the first corporate template will be made for you free of charge. MailChimp and Getresponse provide very cool functions for editing emails: you can create very beautiful banners, pictures and blocks using a layered editor and having access to a large library of images.