Is it necessary to wait for a year for the first sale?

Rajan Verma (Aarvy)
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I am currently going through the book Sell Like Crazy by Sabri Suby. No doubt there are tons of info on how to sell and brand placements, writing copy, etc. in his bestselling book. BUT.... This whole thing looks like a messed up web of unjumbled possibilities. What if I don't have a team who write sales copy, does 100s of AB testing. I am a single guy who just wants to sell courses, books, or subscriptions to my simple one-page app. This leads me to think, do we really need to start with brand recognition, provide free values, make a social presence, and then after a couple of years of spending time and money open up for the first sale to them like. "Hey man, I have given you enough free value in the last 2 years. Now please buy my 10$ book". That sounds absurd. I am in no way against branding, it helps in long run but it takes a lot of time and money and If you already have these 2 why would you sell anything. Branding could also be done after you are able to initiate some sales. Are those days gone when we can simply say "Hey Mike, here is the taco I am selling, you might taste it. Juts for 10 bucks". ?? Below is today's world approach, "Hey Mike, I am Philip. I am giving free tips on making tacos, please follow my page and subscribe to my youtube channel to stay updated." Then I start showing him 100 tips to make tacos for the year and after one year I'll ping him. "Hope you liked my 300 days free tacos series. But just to save your time and effort I am giving it to you at a 90% discount for just or 10$. Please have it. " In return, mike will say. WHO ARE YOU. Just thoughts.


Fabian Maume
Early time brand building doesn't make much to bootstrap start-up in my opinion. To validate your idea you need to get some people paying for it, and keep paying for it on the long run. If you offer some free value first, like some 15 days trial : you are postponing the idea validation by 15 days.