Is it good to use video/videos on your homepage?

Elena Cirera
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Hamza Afzal Butt
According to Research, you can increase Click Through Rate by 30% by embedding video on your homepage.
Devanand Premkumar
@hamza_afzal_butt While the CTR increases, does it also have an impact on the page load efficiency impacting SEO? Any thoughts on that?
Peter agar
Video is the way consumers are absorbing content on the internet and your business should be primed to take advantage of the opportunity that video provides.
Ng Fang Kiang
Yes, if the video is great. It can entice me to stay and watch.
Saqib Ali
That's an easy YES! However, it's also really important how the UI/UX of your site compliments those video(s).
Elena Cirera
@saqib301 Exactly, the website should be appropriately designed, and the video should look like a part of the landing page.
Think of any list of 20 popular websites, go to their landing page. A few of them will have video, others won't. Lesson: there are many different ways to go about it. Whatever you choose, don't spend too much time on it. Spend time on the things that will bring you revenue / users.
Hussain Effendi
@avidnote Wouldn't the landing page in some way or the other help with revenue as well. I am thinking in terms of conversions. Probably your experience would help me better understand the correct do's and don'ts :)
Videos are the way to go if they are well-thought-out and produced. Some rule of thumb to make an impact: 1- Keep it short under 2 minutes. 2- Convey your message by showing them how your concept works instead of telling them what to do. 3- know your audience and make an emotional connection.
Mohsen Kamrani
Absolutely. That's the first thing I check on a landing page. We don't have it yet, but will put one there soon.
Elena Cirera
@m_kamrani According to research adding video on the landing page reduces the bounce rate by 34%. You should also add a video on your landing page to improve it.
Oliver Schmid
Yes, people are getting more and more lazy to read. But the video should't slow down the website. As speed counts.
Fajar Siddiq
yes i make some or for videos i think just use loom and talk on the video
Akriti Vyas
Yes, adding a short video about your product on the homepage is a great way to capture the visitors' attention. And of course, it's good for SEO as well.
Nico Prananta
Been wondering this myself after releasing Coparrot yesterday. Reading the replies, I'll definitely add a video 😆
Varshul CW
Yeah videos are anyday more engaging that people scrolling through your site and reading blobs of text. If best presented in an explainer format then they can land very decent views.
Arnob Mukherjee
I have been a huge fan of launch videos, it helps showcasing the story of your product without even asking your prospect to go through the whole website. Al it builds authority if the production of video is amazing we at Olvy have done this and so many folks were super impressed by the Quality that we produced and hence being a small player in the market we could grab some attention check the video on
Julia Hudson
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Prashansa Punjabi
I think videos help you to make your brand a little bit more tangible to the viewer. I have gone to really alien brand pages but when I have seen that video, especially if it explains or describes the page and/or brand, I have always felt like I knew that brand or atleast had an idea of what they did!
Lalit Pandey
This is very subjective depending on your product type. First of all, you have to understand that your homepage and preferably hero section is all about hooking the user to reduce your bounce rate. For products that fall in the F&B category, FMCG, or e-commerce, videos are certainly great for holding attention. People know your product. You just have to show its best side. So a simple video works great. Increases conversion. For a Saas brand, we have seen that the copy matters. There's so much to convey from what the product is, what it does and how it does it? The best way of pulling this off is to start with a copy of what problem does the product solves followed by a one-liner and a detailed video on the product then. Find what bracket your product falls in and then decide on the video.
jonny vince
Yes, it is, I can see that because it's suitable for mobile and smart devices, so you can watch the video wherever you are.