Is it good idea to launch on April 1(April Fool's Day)?

Gvidas Šulskis
2 replies
What do you think is it good to launch on April Fool's Day with funny approach or it does not matter?


Raja Simon
Wish I launch my domain search tool today in April 1st because I can it's April 1st joke if not working.
Jaskirat Singh
@gvidas_sulskis Overall, I would say depends on your personal launch target and goals. On one hand, you may get traffic because people can specially come to PH on April 1 to check out what fun stuff is going on, and they may also check out your product. But on the other hand, its silly that your product ranking will go down a few spots because the joke products are funny and engaging, and almost always end up in top spots. Check out PH time travel tool to see historic April 1 launches and trends.