Does your employer track/monitor your computer activity?

Gvidas Šulskis
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What do they monitoring: keystrokes, network activity, etc?


Luka Vasic
Growth Marketing Manager @ LeadDelta
No, they track my results, and it gives me the feeling they trust me and my work which makes me work hard. I know people that are being tracked and the pattern repeats itself. The company they work for isn't supportive, they only do it for the money and not for a greater purpose... So yea it's a sign of trust that most people want to live up to
Vivek Katial
Data Scientist lovin' social impact
Depending on the MDM setup for your device this may be the case. However, even without that, there are ways in which they can track your digital activity on tools like Github, Google Doc, Atlassian etc. However, the way that data is used to then shape your experience depends on the time of company they are and also the types of tools they choose to use to analyse this information