Is it essential to convert existing text reviews into video reviews?

Elena Cirera
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Hussain Shah
Videos help you sell more things. Customers who watch a video are 97% more likely to want to buy something. Videos make customers 64% more likely to buy something online.
Sophia Emma
Some people think videos on the internet are not good. But they are popular, because many people like them. If you use videos to sell things, you’re more likely to make a sale. Some companies use videos to sell things on the internet.
Peter agar
It’s because videos are helpful. If customers watch a video, they might like a product more and be willing to buy it.
Emma Foster
Videos make it less scary to buy stuff online. And when you see a video of something you want to buy, you are more likely to buy it.
Ana Dodig
I would not say essential, but it's always good to have text reviews converted into not just video, also in audio. Because you would targeting wide range of potential customers. Some people prefer to audio format, some video and old school like me text, so if you have production and budget to cover all three, that's great!
We often found ourselves reading an entire page of a book and all of a sudden realizing that we have no idea what we just read? This phenomenon is called regression. Regression can be frustrating when reading the written text, but videos almost eliminate it entirely. So I think it is essential to convert textual reviews into short and catchy videos, as they are memorable and Improve Brand Recall.
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I won't call it a necessity. However, it can be a good SEO hack. Since videos bring more value from an SEO perspective, converting your text reviews into video reviews can get you twofold benefit. 1. Reviews in themselves are attention-grabbing content, and when combined with video - they'll be even more significant. 2. Videos are going to get you more traffic.
John Stewart
Video reviews in my opinion are the best testimonials to have. Unfortunately, they are also the hardest to get. A lot of clients (former and current) are happy to type their thoughts, but to film them requires more time and becomes much more intimate. Unlike text reviews, video testimony creates the impression of human contact between the viewer and reviewer. That connection creates far more credibility for your product than text reviews alone. However, text reviews are far better than having none. Whilst video isn't essential it will definitely benefit you.