Is calling your parents in your today's to-do list?

Mario Camús 🤓
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We are so focused on working that most of times we forget to tell our loved ones a simple "how are you?" or "I love you". It's not only you but me too, and probably most of us. Do you want a piece of advice? After reading this, take your phone and call your parents! In fact, now, do it now. Stop reading this. Call them now. Call-them. Now. Oh, and if you have read till here, take advantage of the call and recommend them to download and try Rosita Longevity, the virtual coach that helps your parents live more and better. (We have launched a few hours ago, check the 1-year 50% off 😉) Is there a better way to surprise your parents today?


Always 🙌
Hussain Effendi
Loved the pitch! Creativity level 100X Keep it up guys :)
Mario Camús 🤓
@heffendi hey Hussain! Thanks :) btw, did you call your parents? 😉