NoCode tool for app

Mario Camús 🤓
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Hey guys! 🙋🏻‍♂️ What nocode tools do you use for app? I know the question is a bit general, but I would like some independency from the IT team. So what tools do you recommend me? Here are some things I would like to do on my own: - onboarding - a/b tests - popups, sticky bars, etc - qualitative analysis (recordings, heatmaps...) - etc.


Daniel Nikulshyn
The best no-code tool for your app - is quickquery This tool can replace your admin panel :)
Just come take a look at my company's platform, we list hundreds of tools. We're trying to stay objective and agnostic :) If you have specific asks feel free to DM me! Happy to help with your no-code architecture and stack.