Is anyone actively looking for a solution for building a landing page or a website for your project?

Alexey Shashkov
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Can we have a little chat about it?


Dave Bain
Good question. There are a lot of options that help with quick page/site/landing page building, it's a busy space, eg webflow. In short: I don't use 'plug-n-play' web/page' builders for 'production' as they are limited to their eco-system and everything is an extra and costs ongoing $. I like them to quickly mock up or visualise ideas and browse templates. But as I eluded to earlier, I use coders for the finished result as it's a one-off-cost to make, and I have complete design flexibility - after working at AWS, I would never want to be tied to the slowest turtle when I can use the hare. Also, resources can be very price effective.
@davob thank you for the reply, Dave. What is the most painful point for you when building a landing page?
Alexey Shashkov
@davob Dave, thanks for sharing your experience. I'd like to talk to you more about how this process happened last time. Can we hop on Zoom and chat a little?
Dave Bain
@artdaw for me it's the design and messaging. Creating something that's visually appealing and imactful for the demographic you are targeting.
Alexey Shashkov
@artdaw @davob Dave, what solutions do you use for these purposes?
Alina Ihnatiuk
I use website builders like Tilda (to collect all products in one place). Also Taplink (all links in one place) + there is analytics. I am used to working with just such a "combo set" ))
Alexey Shashkov
@antonovna Hey, Alina, thanks for your reply. It looks like you are a frequent user of website builders. I’m curious to know your experience cause I’m on a Discovery stage now. Can we have a conversation on Zoom?
Jon James
Yep. I'm looking (will soon be looking anyway) for a builder/generator for a new homepage. I can code/hack a design together and host it myself but would prefer to start with a decent looking template, that's responsive and has a few nice bells and whistles. What else would you like to know?
Alexey Shashkov
@jondotjames Hello Jon. I appreciate your reply. I’d want to know more about how your building process looks like and what’s the hardest part of it. Let’s hop on Zoom and talk to each other on it?
Jonah Mills
Yes. Looking to drive more traffic to a webpage for our services
Alexey Shashkov
@jonah_mills Hello, Jonah. Do you want to create an additional landing page for your main website to drive more traffic?