In your organization - how do you become green?

Being green means a different thing for everyone. What is your definition of that? Some significant initiatives I heard or tried include: - Planting trees after a great success - Riding bike to work, instead of a public transport - Not using your camera in [put your favorite remote software here] meetings - Turning off the cloud instance, you don't use What's something you tried and recommend me trying with my teams?


Mayank Mishra
Consuming lesser electricity in general, being aware of your actions on how they add up to carbon emissions is very important.
Bogomil Shopov - Бого
@mishra_mayank Yeah, but how do you do it while you are at work?
You should def review Klima ( on this subject. They have pretty neat solutions for individuals and companies to offset their carbon footprint.
Bogomil Shopov - Бого
@boraoztunc Giving money to support climate positive change is one of the measures. I am interested in more options. Any thoughts?
@bogomep The framework created by We Fight Climate Change is useful. Here's how one of the companies mentioned in this thread (Klima) is using it: e.g.: switch to veggie catering. Other options halfway down the page include sustainable banking/pensions. Another useful resource is the website carbon calculator by Wholegrain Digital, a certified B Corp: The founder, Tom Greenwood, also wrote a book about Sustainable Web Design
Caroline Schneider
Being green means to us to minimize our digital carbon footprint. This is why we created a tool that allows other developers to measure and reduce their website's CO2 emissions. If you're interested in this topic too, check out GreenFrame: