Impact of Technological Innovations on trading professionals

Wael Khattar
6 replies
As Fintech advances, how do you think trade automation, trade performance analytics, AI ,and machine learning will impact trading professionals ?


Anupama Panchal
They will start using tech to do business. It has started already in alot of industries.
Anton Ross
Any data should eventually be translated into human language. Analysts and programmers for maintenance are not going anywhere yet
liana merch
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Amanda Trincher
Many tools like have changed the trending game in my opinion. Now, with the help of good software, you can receive data or even just copy the actions of other specialists.
Amanda Trincher
I think it has a very big impact, because there are many solutions for automating, increasing the efficiency or accuracy of investing and trading. Now even a lot of development agencies provide trading software development, since this market is busy and constantly evolving.