Impact of live chat on conversion

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Hey there, I'm considering implementing a live chat solution on my website to directly engage with my customers. I'm however afraid that this is going to be too time-consuming and with a poor ROI. Would you have any insights or figures about that for your own business? Kind regards,


Jim Morrison
We've been building in the open for two years now... and we've had Intercom chat on there all that time. šŸ’Æ recommend having live chat online for a young product - and responding, on your phone quickly, day & night... unless you're driving! Unless your product is *super* busy it will be intermittent and infrequent but those conversations are gold-dust.. a confused visitor, a salient question highlighting something you've overlooked or assumed people would understand. The little, one-off conversations you get from people on chat do more to drive your CI than almost anything else, imo. Go for it. You can always turn it off if it doesn't work for you.. but the ROI, just in feedback, is worth it... and the people you convert through chat are instant evangelists because they have a relationship with you.
Ali Sabti
Having a live chat function early on when you're building is about customer discovery and not ROI. Some of the best conversations and early community members for @otolawn came from live chat. Learn about them, get to know them, understand the problem, and then automate.
Roger Tung
It's definitely worth taking a moment to review your objective with chat in general. There is a range of solutions on the market that vary in features and cost. And based on your objective, you may realize that other chat vehicles (SMS, FB Messenger, WhatsApp) may be better suited than just Live Chat/Web Chat. Not only that but you'll also learn how your customers engage in chat that may differ from other methods of communication and have a better idea of how to layer on automation (which most services offer) to enhance the overall customer experience if needed. You won't know unless you dive in to see. And like @jimbomorrison said above, you can always turn it off if it doesn't work for you. tl;dr- I think it's always best practice to have more options available for customers to start a conversation with you and learn how different options work for your business and the objective you're looking to solve.
Nikita Dutta
Many businesses have been using live chat to improve their sales. It is one of the most effective tools to proactively interact with your website visitors and predominantly influence their thoughts and purchasing choices. But what's better? Using managed live chat can be a great option since a team of agents will always be available on your website to instantly answer the questions of your potential customers when asked. Chat Metrics ( offers the most effective and efficient managed live chat services as their team is available on the website 24/7.
Nikita Dutta
According to various reports and surveys, a perfectly managed live chat can improve your sales 2X to 4X times. However, it can often work against your online business if you are unable to provide your website visitors with instant solutions. This is the reason why we suggest you use the services of Chat Metrics ( as they offer 24/7 managed live chat services with a team of agents who will always be available on your website to instantly answer the queries of your potential customers. It is also an incredibly efficient way of proactively engaging with your website visitors.
Henry Robinson
Live chat is great if you want to improve your convergence and get more bookings or leads. Since your customers get to know more about your business from your chat agents, they are more intrigued to try your service or product, which leads to more sales and purchases. Chat Metrics ( is one of the best service providers in the industry who have been helping businesses to double their sales within a very short period of time.
Henry Robinson
Trust me; you are not going to regret trying live chat for your business website. Chat Metrics ( is one of the most popular live chat service providers in the market, and I used it as well for my website. I was able to double up my sales within almost one month as I got a team of sales and marketing agents who are available 24/7 on my website to answer the queries of my website visitors.
Rachelle sy
It builds a better connection between you and your client, as well as the community that will be created by allowing your audience to discuss freely with each other. Plus, they'll stay longer on your website because of the open discussion. Giving you more chances of closing a sale or having a better SEO ranking in the long run. We use RumbleTalk for our website (Wordpress) and events. It comes with 6 chat types and special admin functions you can use anytime you need.