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Hey Hunters, My product will be featured on AppSummo in 2 weeks and I just realized that if I was able to convert my prospects quiet successfully, I was not capable to pitch it in 1000 thousand words. I've thus written 2 pitches. Could you let me know which one looks best to your english speaking native eyes? Pitch 1: " WP Umbrella has been designed for Digital Agencies and Freelancers willing to provide with and justify premium maintenance services & fees to their clients. WP Umbrella is the most comprehensive monitoring plugin in the World. This includes: tracking WordPress PHP errors which can prevent poor performance and security risks, monitoring uptime, performance and site health. Our alerting systems will inform you in case of issues, so you will never have an angry client yelling at you because its website is down and you were not even aware of it. WP Umbrella also certifies uptime and performance so you can prove to your clients how great your work is!" Pitch 2: " " WP Umbrella is the most comprehensive monitoring plugin for WordPress. Use it to track PHP errors and mitigate downtime and slow loading times. Reliable Uptime and performance monitoring also included, so you will never let again a customer telling you that your/its website is down. The plugin is ideal for digital and marketing agencies willing to include maintenance fees in their quotes or WooCommerce store for whom uptime and performance truly matters. ” The product is available here: Also, have you any tips or feedback to share with me on AppSummo campaigns? Looking forward reading your answers!


Muntasir Rashid
Pitch 1 is good but can be better if you explain your benefits instead of brand message. No matter how much niched down your product is, it is always useful to explain the benefits in layman terms. I follow this format to pitch my product: [Product] + [Persona(s)] + [Benefit-1] + [Benefit-2] + [USP-1] + [USP-2] For example, WP Umbrella helps digital agencies and woocommerce users to keep their sites healthy and running by monitor uptime and performance, tracking and notifying errors and regular health check from one single dashboard. I have recently launched on a deal time and this format of copywriting has helped me tremendously to explain what we offer and what we are building. Good luck with your appsumo launch :)