If you work in startups, what's one tip you give to grow as a startup operator?

Sharath Kuruganty
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Ruby Ebere
Co-Founder at iAssistAfrica.com
One of the lessons I got from Paul Graham is "Do NOT trust your instinct. Startups are so weird that if you trust your instincts, you'll make a lot of mistakes." Also, pay much more attention in understanding your users well than in being a startup expert.
Jun Gong
building in web3, prev: Dapp.com
@rubyebere very true. need to be analytical at some point.
Gabriele Sangrigoli
Love data and analytics
@rubyebere True, that's why I love data. Expecially data about costumers. Data don't lie.
Anil Matcha
Launching UUKI on Sep 30th
Be ready to wear multiple hats and be flexible learning things on the go
Bharat Pasam
Founder @ Neighborverse
@matcha_anil Yup. Doing that right now.
Anil Matcha
Launching UUKI on Sep 30th
@bharatpasam Awesome, followed you and subscribed to your product, looking forward
Bharat Pasam
Founder @ Neighborverse
@matcha_anil Thanks. Looking forward to seeing you in the comments
Abhijit Saha
I am the CEO of Desi Gadget.
Try to build your brand, understand your market, develop your product, manage your team mamebers, and focus on your work.
Matthew Browne
🚀Thankyou 4 supporting Upflowy to #1🚀
There is nothing more powerful than building and nuturing a community, don't wait to start this as it takes time but it could be the difference between being number one and number two in a category.
Bharat Pasam
Founder @ Neighborverse
@matthew_browne1 Thanks for sharing. Agreed, building a community takes a lot of time and is probably one of the most time consuming things to do. It's definitely worth it...
Danish Soomro, MBA.
Ideate. Create. Repeat
@matthew_browne1 I second you. I have build the biggest group of Digital Nomads 145000 members. Took me 5 years.
Dịch vụ Kiểm toán, Dịch vụ Kế toán
Hi, I want to know it.
Lior Galante Cohen (Vaza)
Team Lead @ Amy
Always remember that flexibility is key, and don't hesitate to pivot when necessary.
Quentin “𝑸” Durantay
Head of Growth @WeWeb.io (YC W21)
Stay a generalist, and be deeply involved in all parts of the company. The key is to be like your founders, but even more focused on execution. Also, don't hesitate to question everything (yourself, the company, the founders, the users) and do not ever leave any detail unanswered.
Kesavan KK
CEO ishield.ai. AI | SaaS | DEI
Cut the noise (fears from the past, anxiety about future). Focus on the next step you need to take and give it your all.
Mayank Mishra
Co-founder Poppins.me Nocoder & UX
Build distribution, build community and then build product around it.
Paul Mit
💎 Founder @Aaply, @FlowMapp
Believe your team and product. Trust your advisers, mentors and users. Listen to your heart ❤️ (50%) and mind (50%). That is enough!
Sofya Narbut
Product Management & Design @ Aaply
For me is not getting too attached to my own ideas. I'm working on the first version of the product and a lot of ideas get scraped. I don't care what ideas of mine go to the trash bin, I trust my mentors and the only thing I care about is a successful launch. If advice helps me get closer to it, I do whatever is needed.
Taz All Sohag
I am honest
doc mad
Salesforce Document generation App
Aaron Shmidman
I'm a learner always looking to improve!
"Work fast and break things" words to live by! messy action is better than no action!
Mary Sue Freundliche
You must define your goal clearly. Your goal should be not your product or services. Your goal should be -making money. Remember one thing you promise to your investors is - money. So what ever comes across your goal you have to separate ways with it. If your marketing plan doesnt work - abandon it. If your sales strategy doesnt work - kiss it goodbye. If your salesmen dont deliver - cut them. If you tried all strategies but product fails - kick it to the curb and pivot. If your engineers cant or dont want to pivot -cut them. If you have pivoted many times but you still fail - save your investors money. Let them cut you. Be ruthless like Chyngis Khan. Let them have another general for their money. Dont waste their money and time. People trust you part of their lives through money you taken.
Mithun Kadur
Founder & CEO @ Sagisu
Focus, Focus, Focus on one product, one market, one channel, one customer at least the first year. Rest will be history.
Bharat Pasam
Founder @ Neighborverse
@mithunkadur Great advice!
William Nnamani
• Software engineer • Ml/AI enthusiast
@mithunkadur love this comment, thanks.
Fion McCormack
I'm a veteran digital marketer
Adapt QUICKLY. You are finding your feet. You have few tried and tested processes. You have endless amount of decisions to make. You will make less than optimal decisions. So pay attention and adapt quickly.
Thuê Lều Cắm Trại
Là đơn vị cung cấp lều trại tại HCM
Rony Rom
Co-founder @ Communyco
Read a lot, learn a lot, take lots of advice.
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