If you were given a choice, which 2 days would you choose for working remotely?

Shahul Rashik
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Companies like Apple have specified the exact days where the employees should be in the office, while other companies believe it is up to the team leader. However, I think that employees should be able to choose the days based on their flexibility. So, just curious to know, if your company is going hybrid, which 2 days would you prefer to work remotely?


Ruben Wolff
I agree with you that employees should be able to choose their remote days, or at least have the chance to discuss it with their manager, so that they could adapt their schedule with their personal lives. My company corepo.org is already full remote (always has been and will stay this way), but if I had to only pick two days to be at home, it would probably be one of these combinations: - Monday + Thursday or Tuesday + Friday to start of end the week more lightly and have a break in the middle of the week. - Monday + Friday to be able to work from whatever weekend destination I go to
Barney Cox
We're potentially looking at a hybrid model at Bright where I work, so have been thinking about this recently. I agree with @rubenwolff, that combination of days would be great. Ideally though I'd like to work from home Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and go to the office on Tues and Thurs. - Monday home-working gives you the space to get back into gear - Wednesday means you can focus on the tasks you might not have been able to do in face-to-face meetings - Friday means you have the space/focus for the end of week push and to get stuff off your plate before the weekend
Ruben Wolff
@brnycx I would have voted for these 3 days as well, but as we only had to pick 2, a choice had to be made! hahaha