If you guys are not using reddit for marketing you should! Here are some tips.

Pablo Fatas
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Hey I am Pablo and currenty working on sigmaOS.com a new productivity browser releasing on product hunt next week. I know that a lot of you have probably tried some form of marketing on facebook/instagram/twitter but people tend to shy away from reddit. I am here to show you my example and how I got 200 users and plenty of feedback compeltely free in a couple days. Here is the link to one of my posts: https://www.reddit.com/r/macapps... For those who are new to reddit here are my tips: 1- Similar to product hunt, reddit is a community and should not just be treated as a marketing paltform. There needs to be genuine interaction 2- Do not make your post sound corporate like. Just be honest and your authentic self and people will appreciate that (there are many good detectives on reddit who will see through you if you are fake) 3- Make sure you find the most relevant subreddit to you. For those who do not know reddit is split into many different forums. For example I am making a MacOS browser, so I posted on r/macapps and r/browsers. It is also important that you tailor your post to the subreddit you are posting to. 4- Make sure to interact with everyone who comments on your post and give them real answers. On the note of comments, make sure to not take some criticism too hard since it is a social media platform after all and there will be some toxicity sometimes. I found reddit to be a great platform to find genuinely interested/interesting people. The ability to target them by subreddits is very valuable and they tend to be quite responsive and active. I hope this helped some of you who may not be familiar with reddit or just had not thought of using it as a way to get traction. This is quite a quick overview so if you have any questions just ask. I have also dealt with reddit ads if you are curious about that. Also if you have some time I would appreciate you guys checking out SigmaOS. We are realeasing next wednesday (feel free to subscribe to get notified here: https://www.producthunt.com/upco...) Hope this helped :)


Preeti Chovoor
This is some awesome advice! Thank you!!
Pablo Fatas
Thanks, as a long time reddit user I always found it weird that people did not use it more as a marketing resource and thought I would share what I could :)
Ezzat Suhaime
Hello @pablo_fatas ! This post is exciting because I was also thinking of promoting on Reddit but afraid of its anti-ad nature. When promoting SigmaOS, did you already build connections/a following on Reddit?
Pablo Fatas
@ezzat Reddit is quite anti-ad so you have to be careful. Just make sure you phrase it as a passion project and be transparent. Don’t use buzzwords or emojis. Give to them straight and if its something you truly think they will enjoy then they will accept it. I have been on reddit but I was on a different account (CEO’s) when promoting and he did not have a previous connection really to the community. But since posting I have been very active in messaging and answering people ont there. IF you have any other questions or want me to proof read anything feel free to ask :)
Ezzat Suhaime
@pablo_fatas Thanks for the answer! Was it pretty much a fresh start with the CEO’s Reddit account? You mentioned to phrase it as a passion project. Did you signify you were CEO or was it much more low key?
Pablo Fatas
@ezzat Go to the post link and you can see my wording and how I interact in the comments. We are a 4 people company yet you can see in the language that I make it seem like a very individual product. I never mentioned things like CEO. Just worded it as “look what I made”.
David J. Kim
And most importantly, try not to use Reddit ads themselves unless they're clever/funny.
Adi Bhatnagar
True @pablo_fatas agreed, and @nklvlk is doing it through howitzer.co
Tanya Desai
This is bang - on! The key to Reddit marketing is to add genuine value to users. We do this by finding people with the the exact problem we are solving and the platform enables this because of the way search and keyword phrasing works. For example - at Lishash, a problem we are solving is of choice overload when it comes to social-music. A lot of users complain and speak of their experiences and pain points with Spotify and Apple Music, and they become the perfect potential users. They spoke of a problem publicly, someone took the pain to read what they wrote and personally DMed them privately; they're almost always open and willing to try something new out!
Allianze GCC
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Linda Liepa
Thank you for sharing your experience! Non formal interaction on Reddit within different subreddits is definitely a key! Is your product/company interacting on Reddit from company profile or your own personal accounts? At the moment I'm testing the difference within interaction from personal and company account.