If you could invest in one company from history, what would you choose?

Aaron O'Leary
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I think I would choose to be a seed investor in Google, seems like a pretty solid idea to me.


Sachin Raghavendran
@leandro8209 YES ridiculous how much market share they have aggregated. Also, they have had a history of good investments in Chipotle and other top brands.
$AMZN at $1.31 in may 1998. I would only be 6, but I got 2 dollars (CAD) for every tooth from the tooth fairy. Each of those would be around $3000 today :/
Fawad Ahmed
Being an early investor in Apple would have been amazing!
Tasos Valtinos
I was 4 years old in 1998. If i could invest 1k$ in AMAZON in 1998 I would be a millionaire!
tiger nimo
amazon when they first went IPO, or at least when i was in my first job job... amazon was at $34. oh well. vision's 20/20 looking back. who is the amazon of now? that's what i have learned from that.
Sumantra Mukherjee
I could have invested in the East India Company. Unfortunately, I was not around.
Piotr Zgierski
All want to be silent investors. Have money. But if you could invest and take a part in the process... It would gain such a success?
Nick Hutton
Is Bitcoin a company...returns on that are pretty nice!
Aaron O'Leary
@nick_hutton I remember when bitcoin first came out I was a teenager and I tried to get a loan from my parents to invest 1000 in it, they didn't have that money but alas would be nice now!
Robert Ferguson
If I were to invest in one company from history, I would like to invest in Amazon. Seeing that they are still expanding their services throughout the world and increasing their transactions per hour, well, I could say that Investing in that e-commerce juggernaut will surely give me great returns.
Gonzalo Alfaro
Xerox and Apple! 😃